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When the Banks can’t help, WE CAN! Need $2k-$2M. Have “challenged” credit? We have access to over 120 lenders of both traditional and alternative capital who can help… even with credit scores below 500! Don’t pay more in fees and interest than necessary! We provide a ONE STOP BEST OFFER SOLUTION! Fill out our contact form today so we can help match you with the best lender for your situation.
Restore your score, create positive financial habits and maximize your financial opportunities. Our credit restoration plan also comes with 11 additional services to fully protect the financial future of you and your family. Our services, which include credit attorneys, is ONLY a one time set up of $188 and then $89 monthly beginning the following month! The longer you keep our Protection Plan services, you will receive a discount. Fill out our contact form today for more information.

Help Businesses and Companies capture savings from the hundreds of specialized federal and state tax incentives available!

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Help anyone who uses payment processing to eliminate 95% of your processing fees!
Help Employers and Business Owners to save with the Nation’s Largest PPO Network. ACA & ERISA Compliant. No Deductibles or Open Enrollment Restrictions. Better Pricing . Better Assurance!

Help Entrepreneurs and Families build and secure wealth using our online financial education platform and academy!

Provide you with our vast network of well-vetted professionals, resources, and opportunities to grow your business!
Help business owners who want to provide Customer Financing options for their customers and clients. If you sell products $300 or more in total ticket price or provide services $1,000 or more, then offering Customer Financing is a MUST to expand your business and increase your profits!

Help with Social Media Marketing and Online Reputation Management so your business can gain more customers and profits!